Various Webflow UI demonstration showcasing different features such as class styling, collaboration, etc.
Subscription that elevates your business

We craft astounding and optimized Webflow websites made with Client-First in mind.

Our future-proof solutions allow you to make changes without the need to hire a web developer.

Accessible, flexible pricing — pause and cancel anytime.

Your personalized in-house team

Simple Webflow development subscription — we get your job done

A demonstration of the first step in explanation how Georgy.Design subscription works — the screenshot demonstrates UI that is used for call booking.

Book a discovery call

A brief 30 minute call with our team — we’ll answer all your questions, cover important details, and make sure both sides are hyped to proceed.

Choose a plan

Subscribe to one of two plans that fits your project best — as simple as that! We’ll suggest you a plan during a call too. You can choose an hourly package or pay for a fixed scope.

A demonstration of the second step in explanation how Georgy.Design subscription works — the screenshot demonstrates subscription’s pricing structure.
A demonstration of the third step in explanation how Georgy.Design subscription works — the screenshot demonstrates Notion UI with a tasks queue.

Submit unlimited requests

You’ll get a personalized dashboard with all your tasks and assets. 100% async communication.

Wait 1 work day*

All your requests are added to the queue. No competing priorities, hence everything will be done. Change the status of the backlog at any time — you decide what we’ll do next.

*average turnaround for a mid-size task takes up to 1–3 days

A demonstration of the fourth step in explanation how Georgy.Design subscription works — the screenshot demonstrates Webflow UI, how websites are developed in the tool.
A demonstration of the fifth step in explanation how Georgy.Design subscription works — the screenshot demonstrates Cron UI, a calendar app, so users know that there will be monthly reviews with Georgy.Design team to discuss their projects.

Review, revise, get dazzled

We’ll keep working until you’re happy — then we’ll move onto the next task. No compromises, we keep our quality bar high.

Subscription with astounding benefits

We weren’t the first — we’re just one of the best

Market leading unlimited services subscription — design and develop what, how, and whenever you want. Truly limitless potential!

Unlimited requests

As a subscriber, you have unlimited access to our services. Message whenever you want via Slack or Discord.

Dazzlingly-fast delivery

Get your task done quickly — on average, we complete each request within 1–3 business days.

Fixed monthly rate

Enjoy transparent pricing with no surprises — except on holidays! Pay a fixed price each month — pause or cancel anytime.

99% async

Stay up-to-date on your project progress just by using a dashboard. The only call is at the end of the month (review).

Unique and scalable

All the work we do is tailored just for you — no templates involved unless you ask for them.  Scale up or down as needed.

Powered by Webflow

We build astoundingly beautiful and complex sites with Webflow. It's easy to use, just like Wix or Squarespace, but even more powerful!

No-code experts

You’re getting 10+ years of design experience with every request. No hand-holding required.

Top-notch quality

Insane design quality at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Straightforward priorities

You decide what request we do first. Changed your mind?

Our skills

Extensive amount of skills to bloom your project

Georgy.Design is a creative bureau full of independent talents working remotely in different parts of the world.

Unlike others, we create websites using no- and low-code tools such as Webflow, Notion, Spline, n8n. With our stack your team can easily manage and scale projects without coding and extensive technical experience.

Webflow logo

Webflow development

We develop responsive, SEO optimized, high-converting websites by using Webflow — a top-tier no-code development tool. Also, we utilize 3rd party solutions such as Client-First and Attributes to create complex yet easy to manage sites.

Figma logo

UX/UI design in Figma

Our team designs website, web- and mobile apps with a huge focus on user experience and beautiful yet organized interface. We will work closely with you to make sure that a design fits your brand.

Ethereum logo

Blockchain, NFTs, and Web 3 integrations

We are proud to provide services for blockchain projects: website/app development, NFT collections design, Web 3 consulting, and more. In addition, we are creating templates for Webflow specifically for blockchain, metaverse, and NFT niche.

Image icon

Copy, video, imagery, 3D

Want to get a turnkey solution? No worries, we write user-oriented copy, help you with the website’s imagery, and create 3D models for your project.

Automation logo

Automation with n8n

Do you need to send a Telegram notification every time a contact form is submitted, or create an entry in a CRM in Notion? Connect an external API? We got you covered.

Education icon

Training and coaching

Want to step up your Webflow game? Looking for no-code coaching for your team? We offer no-code training video calls — learn how to manage your websites better and faster. Video guides are included in every project we work on.``

Our content and products

We strive for the community

Our team’s passion is to help folks like us — teach no-code tools, provide useful services, and, most importantly, guide and talk to them, so people can improve their skill set.

Check out our work

We have 15+ sites under the belt — more in the works!
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Explore the stack

Our team utilizes no-code tools to create complex projects.
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Get our all-in-one course

We’re making an ultimate all-in-one course that cover literally everything a person needs to start making money online. Successfully, of course.
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A description of various features that included in “Make it come true with Webflow” course — some of them are 42+ lessons, lifetime access, exclusive job-board, demo days with prizes, discounts and promo-codes.

Join our private community

Ever wanted to share your passion towards making digital businesses with like-minded folks? We’re building such a place for everyone. Lots of benefits included!
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A description of various features that included in the private community early access called “365 days” — some of them are lifetime access, exclusive job-board, demo days with prizes, discounts and promo-codes.

Clients’ testimonials

We are one of the greatest people you can work with — or so our clients say.