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365 days of shipping
(early access)

Early bird offering
Price increases by $1 every day
Become a part of our private community of digital business makers and learn how to DIY — “365 days of shipping”. Get a lifetime access by purchasing right now!
/ lifetime access
/ per year
Price increases by $1 everyday until it reaches $365 — then lifetime access will be changed to a yearly subscription model.

“365 days of shipping” is a private community in Telegram and a look behind the scenes of Georgy.Design’s personal journey.

Currently, with each day price increase, the price of the access to the community will be for a lifetime, however, after the launch it’ll be transitioned to a subscription model — $365 per year.

It’s a massive collection of all our experience and knowledge jam-packed into biweekly newsletter of sorts. People will be able to follow our steps or directly be inspired by it.

What’s the meaning behind “365 days of shipping”? Well, it’s actually quite simple — I simply believe that it’s enough one year to build a profitable business, and I want to show that it’s possible by doing it myself. Sure, not every business can become profitable within this time span, but some revenue can be acquired and that’s the main point! Simply get money by having fun making cool stuff.

Lifetime access to “365 days of shipping”
Private community full of cool people who works on their digital businesses and those who just starting their journey
Free early access to Georgy.Design’s products
Database with dozens of useful links to tools, services, articles, and much more
Exclusive job-board with projects for different skill levels
Discounts and promo-codes from our partners and community
Occasional build together sessions where you can interact with other people or just build in public and get instant feedback
Monthly livestreams from our team where we discuss various topics about building profitable digital business
Quarterly demo days where you’ll be able to present your product to a public audience and compete with other participants for a prize
Merch giveaways and 50% discount
More stuff coming! 🚀

The price starts at $1 and increases every day until it reaches $365 — then the price will be locked and people won’t be able to buy it at a discounted or early bird price. The locked price will last for a few days, then the monetization will be transitioned to a subscription model — $365 per year.

All payments are handled by Lemon Squeezy since we sell our products there. Affiliate program is ETA too, but it’s definitely gonna be a thing — maybe even before launch.

The access is guaranteed after the purchase, however, it’s important to keep in mind, that purchasing it right now is considered as a pre-registration. Meaning, you will get access, but a full proper release will happen in Q4 while early access will be available since this summer.

So far, no additional FAQ — but gonna add it later! 😊

Due to a nature of the product, we won’t issue any refunds. However, we can make an exception during pre-registration stage that ends with the launch of an early access this summer.